Meet the Boss


Janae, a Detroit native, digital media influencer, that specializes in creating social media content that helps companies increase their brand awareness. She received a Bachelor of Business Administration in advertising and promotion in 2014. She found a way to combine digital media and natural hair by introducing "Nae2Curly" to the world in August 2014. She creates tailored strategies to fit each brand's unique personalities and goals whether it be beauty, hair or lifestyle. As a mentor and speaker she has reached many and will continue to spread her message of "Living, Embracing and Revealing The Natural You.” Nae2Curly is forever evolving and wants to take her audience and community on the journey.


I love to create simple natural hair styles for the everyday woman! No matter if you are an OG natural or transitioner you can find a style just for you! Being natural doesn’t have to be hard and I’m here to help! I also enjoy recreating curly hair viral videos with my own twist to it!

My faith is what keeps me going and growing! God has a huge place in my heart and I am Janae (Nae2Curly) because of Him. Staying focused on my purpose and sprinkling my passion on top allows me to reach those who may not know about Him. I also read devotionals and books that help me grow in my walk with Jesus. 


My friend Lanicia actually inspired me because she decided to transition. She rocked different curly styles which motivated me to want to do the same. Even though I only got relaxer on my edges I still wanted to "transition" and rock curly styles. I also needed to cut off my damaged ends which were caused due to stress. As time went on I watched other natural hair gurus on YouTube to learn more about natural hair.  I first subscribed to NaturalMetra, Iknowlee, CharyJay, MariaAntoinetteTV and Naptural85 on YouTube. The most important thing I learned from wearing my hair natural is that I am able to express a new side of me.  I noticed that my natural hair styles have impacted others.

Texture- Cotton 

Type- 4a curl pattern

Porosity- Medium

Elasticity- Medium 

Density- Medium/Normal

Hair colored 6 times so far.

(Hair Consultation done at Carols Daughter Salon in NY)